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Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services

Why Portfolio Management Services

Investors today have a wide range of investment options. Amongst them, equities as an asset class has historically offered the highest returns. However, the typical investor does not usually have the time and expertise to manage their equity assets optimally.

Globalization and integration of world economies have altered the market ecology and complicated the decision-making process. Furthermore with the surfeit of information available to investors from various sources like the internet and broker research an investor often gets more confused. The rate of economic, political, and technological changes have been accelerating, leading to compressed business cycles and volatile stock markets. Casual investing is not ideal in a given scenario. Create wealth through and decades of accumulated wisdom, leave investing to us.

Why Smart Beta?

Smart-beta focuses to obtain alpha, lower risk, or increase diversification at a cost lower than traditional active management and marginally higher than straight index investing. It seeks the best construction of an optimally diversified portfolio. Smart beta defines a set of investment strategies that emphasize the use of alternative index construction rules to traditional market capitalization based indices. Smart beta emphasizes investment factors or market inefficiencies in a rules-based and transparent way. The increased popularity of smart beta is linked to a desire for portfolio risk management and diversification along factor dimensions. As well as seeking to enhance risk-adjusted returns above cap-weighted indices.

Abans Smart Beta Portfolio (SEBI registered PMS) aims to assist investors in their wealth creation journey through our propreitary, algorithm powered and rule based model of stock selection.


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